40 Years of Excellence in Litigation


McKay, de Lorimier & Acain is a medium sized firm with offices in the mid-Wilshire area of Los Angeles County. Our attorneys are experienced litigators in all State and Federal Courts throughout the state of California.

Our primary emphasis is on general civil litigation and trial practice. We have extensive experience in personal injury and property damage matters, including products liability, premises liability, construction, land subsidence, motor vehicle and legal malpractice, and intentional torts such as employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and malicious prosecution. We have represented a number of school districts and municipalities and are familiar with the claim requirements and immunities of the California Government Code. In addition we are experienced in insurance law, including reinsurance, excess insurance and bad faith.

We recognize that ninety percent of all Superior Court cases filed in the Southern California Courts are resolved without trial. For that reason, it is our strategy to evaluate liability and damages in every case at the earliest possible opportunity in order to determine if the case can be resolved by negotiated settlement, motion for summary judgment or voluntary dismissal. If the matter is not amenable to an early resolution, we undertake discovery of relevant facts and issues in order to prepare the case for trial. Our belief is that a well-prepared case will result in a successful resolution, whether by settlement or by jury verdict.

We pride ourselves not only on the high quality of our work but also on the establishment and maintenance of an excellent working relationship with our clients. We are committed to personal, prompt and economical client services, and understand that communication is crucial to this commitment. Thus, we emphasize effective communication among our attorneys, but more importantly, between ourselves and our clients. Our commitment to effective and timely communication with our clients assures them of the opportunity to participate in making informed decisions about the resolution of their legal matters.

McKay, de Lorimier & Acain is a member of Eagle International Associates, a network of law firms concentrating in the defense of all types of litigation, and adjusters who provide multi-line adjusting services. Thus, we are able to offer to our client’s referrals to qualified attorneys and adjusters throughout the United States, Canada and much of Europe.


Why Choose Us

  • MDA offers services in litigation with the best resources.
  • With over 100 years in combined experience in high profile cases.
  • Trusted by International Insurance Companies and networks
  • Latest information on law and rules of the state..
  • We believe in the best approach in dealing with litigation.
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